We are the region’s premier ebook retail and distribution service. Our goal is to support local and regional authors and provide them with a one -stop shop for their publishing needs. We can guide new publishers or those who simply don’t have the time or resources. Boost sales and reach a growing online reader base quickly and easily with no start-up or hidden fees. You can combine any of our services which cover all of your needs including conversion, distribution, promotion and marketing – all of which are designed to be as painless and cost-effective as possible for you.


Our Content Conversion services empower publishers with the confidence to not only offer their content in various formats, but also deliver them quickly at competitive rates. We provide secure FTP sites for file transfer and DRM protection on a cloud based delivery system which prevents piracy and illegal sharing of files. All files are owned by the publisher who retains copyright, once a contract has been signed, we collect your content and metadata to be placed on the platform. Another benefit of converting your titles is that new Editions or revisions can be released quickly, there is no need for reprinting or collecting unsold print stock .

We use latest technologies that automate the production process to generate multiple eFormats which are compatible on all popular devices. Our dedicated teams explore various automated ways that take care of cost and delivery time worries of the publishers. All conversions are subject to stringent quality checks and multiple levels of proofreading to ensure that output is always of the highest quality.


Distribution of your conversions and already existing ebooks would be done through several channels. We provide e-retail options with online and physical bookstores. Retail can be done through our online store, through your own website or even have us build your own microsite with options to both rent and purchase. Publishers can also have their titles available through affiliate sites and additional retailers outside of our own through data streams. We will even engage retailers on your behalf to ensure your titles are available through as many channels as possible.

If a publisher so chooses they can Geo Lock their titles which allows them to decide what territories their books can be sold in. Publishers sometimes give special pricing or discounts to stores or schools in the Caribbean region and Geo Lock allows them to feel safe in the knowledge that their books are being sold where they want, at the price they want, and nowhere else.

Our ViewInside technology allows users to get a sneak peek of the eBook before they buy it. It is the equivalent of allowing customers to flip through a book in a regular bookstore. Users can read a certain amount of pages (as specified by the publisher), search the book for key words, view the table of contents and share the book with friends or on social media sites. Content searches also allow for your title to show in results among content related titles thus further increasing your exposure and opportunity for sales.

Author Marketing

The book business is changing rapidly. As an author or subject-matter expert who is writing books, you know that finding ways to get the word out about your book is very important. Author Marketing is available to provide promotional support with several options available. We can provide book launches, press releases, social media management, email blasts and much more. Just doing a media release is just not enough, to be successful you need the right mixture of online and offline promotion.

With 3,500 books published every day, how will yours get noticed? Nothing drives sales of your electronic content as being visible and easily accessible on the Internet. Reaching and widening your target market through the use of social networks has become an integral part of marketing.

Your work should never exist in a vacuum. Being part of a growing collection of local and regional collection of works adds strength that would be difficult to obtain as a single title or author. Our online catalog of Caribbean titles is a unique marketing tool in itself. We also regularly attend various events where there would be opportunities for showcasing our authors directly to potential buyers.