The Caribbean Shared Educational Resource Service ( CSERS) a Caribbean initiative is devoted to making access to educational content more readily available and affordable throughout the Caribbean region by providing access to eContent delivered through the CSERS service.

CSERS is a collaboration between Datalore Inc ( Caribbean) and Impelsys (Global) to provide a digital content delivery system for schools, colleges and universities in the region.

The platform is a multi-publisher, cloud-based warehouse and distribution system powered by Impelsys’ iPublishCentral. CSERS brings together the titles of a number of different authors and publishers into one data warehouse. This allows access without needing to search a multitude of different websites. Because the books are kept ‘on the cloud’ access can be online from any compatible device, or, alternatively through an offline reader.

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Caribbean Shared Educational Resources Service (CSERS)

PRESS RELEASE – Impelsys Partners with DataLore to Deliver Customized eBookstores to Schools and Colleges in the Caribbean