Impelsys, a global leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with DataLore Inc. in which the two companies will work together to offer branded eBookstores to schools and colleges located throughout the Caribbean region.

The partners are currently developing a new eBook platform specifically for educational institutions in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Shared Educational Resource Service will provide customized eBookstores for participating schools and colleges. From these branded eBookstores, students will be able to purchase their eTextbooks and other digital content, as well as access those eBooks at any time and from any device.

The customized eBookstores will be powered by Impelsys’ iPublishCentral digital publishing software platform, which allows publishers to warehouse, deliver, distribute, market and sell their eBooks without making significant capital or engineering resource investments on their own.

“With the growth in demand from students for digital content generally and eTextbooks specifically, a growing number of schools and colleges are investing in digital solutions that are easy to deploy and cost-effective at the same time,” said Sameer Shariff, CEO of Impelsys. “The tremendous flexibility of iPublishCentral allows us to build customized and branded interfaces for any school or college in the Caribbean, and the infrastructure of the platform allows them to maintain complete control over their eBooks inventory.”

“In our discussions with teachers and school administrators throughout the Caribbean, we learned that schools are looking to build eBook libraries that are both intrinsic to their curriculum, as well as offer a broad choice to students,” said Beverly Smith-Hinkson, CEO of DataLore Inc. “We quickly identified that streaming eBooks via a cloud-based eBook platform was the way forward and identified Impelsys’ iPublishCentral as an ideal partner. Impelsys has nearly 100 publishers using its delivery platform through publisher-branded portals so it has a proven track record for reliability. Its platform can handle multiple business modes and it is wholly customizable. This exciting partnership is bringing eBooks to the schools market in the Caribbean.”

About DataLore Inc.

Founded in 1992, DataLore has established itself as an integral part of the supply chain in the book industry in the Caribbean. The company has built a reputation for providing its clients with professional and efficient service in the retail, distribution and marketing of publications. DataLore’s flagship “Book Source” service, a book ordering service for retailers and institutions throughout the Caribbean has access to more than 6 million books and more than 15,000 publishers worldwide. DataLore also represents several leading Academic and Professional publishers in the Caribbean, including Oxford University Press. For more information, please go to

About Impelsys

Impelsys is a leading provider of electronic content delivery solutions to the global publishing market. The company provides revolutionary products and solutions to publishers to market, distribute and deliver content online quickly and cost effectively. With its dedicated focus on digital content publishing services, Impelsys has earned a position of trust and a reputation for excellence. It works with some of the most respected names in the publishing industry, including: Children’s Television Workshop, McGraw Hill, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Benchmark Education, and MIT Press to name a few. Headquartered in New York City, with production facilities in Bangalore, India, Impelsys operates across North America, Europe and India. For more information, please go to