Author Marketing

The book business is changing rapidly. As an author or subject-matter expert who is writing books, you know that finding ways to get the word out about your book is very important. Author Marketing is available to provide promotional support with several options available. We can provide book launches, press releases, social media management, email blasts and much more. Just doing a media release is just not enough, to be successful you need the right mixture of online and offline promotion.

With 3,500 books published every day, how will yours get noticed? Nothing drives sales of your electronic content as being visible and easily accessible on the Internet. Reaching and widening your target market through the use of social networks has become an integral part of marketing.

Your work should never exist in a vacuum. Being part of a growing collection of local and regional collection of works adds strength that would be difficult to obtain as a single title or author. Our online catalog of Caribbean titles is a unique marketing tool in itself. We also regularly attend various events where there would be opportunities for showcasing our authors directly to potential buyers.